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After a 4-months break, we decided to get back on the road given the relatively better covid situation in Europe. Since most countries towards Singapore are not likely to reopen any time soon, we decided to head towards a totally different objective: North Cape in Norway. Of course we are prepared for significant change of plans because of the ever changing border and quarantine policies.

Nevertheless, we started yesterday and rode 90km through Flemish pear and apple fields by 37°, which is likely the hottest day of the year in Belgium. We received a very warm welcome at the house of Armand’s aunt and uncle and we are now in the Netherlands a few kilometers away from Germany.

Stay tuned for more pictures!

2 Replies to “The Shortcut Part II”

  1. Chouette, vous recommencez votre blog, on va pouvoir encore voyager. On se réjouit de la fraicheur du grand nord🥵 Bon voyage à vous 2

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